Essential Oils Travel Kits

Blissful travel with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils kits

We are excited to announce we’ve paired up with Oh That Glow™ to design 8 unique essential oils travel kits. It is weird to think that we once traveled without them!

Each travel kit is designed with a specific type of traveler in mind. From the backpack-loving Easy Rider to the #NeverNotWorkout Athlete, everyone will find an essential oils kit to make their travel experience amazing.

Plus, every purchase helps animals in need.

Meet Our Essential Oils Travel Kits

No two travelers are exactly alike. That’s what makes travel so rewarding. Unique people, new things, and novel experiences are the essence of time spent away from home.

So, we created 8 unique kits designed for 8 very special travelers in mind.

These kits include our favorite and most frequently used oils, hand-selected by certified aroma therapists to infuse your travels with blissful vibes. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, we have a kit that won’t want to roam without!

Travel Kit

Use this kit to enhance your travel experience. Stay healthy, energized, and alert or wind down when you need it.

Ease Kit

Use this kit to decompress from typical travel stressors. This kit will help you unwind, breathe, and sleep like a baby.

Wellness Kit

Use this kit to boost your immune system, ease digestion, and stay healthy while on the road.

Performance Kit

Actor? Public speaker? Use this kit if you’re traveling for a performance or a work related trip. This kit will help build courage and self-esteem, while also easing your mind and getting you in touch with your senses.

Essential Oil Intro Kit

New to oils? This kit is designed to give you the necessary oils for travel and home. Promote wellness, decompress, cleanse, and focus with this essential combo.

Athletes Kit

Use this kit if you’re a traveling athlete or the type that takes exercise on the road. This kit will increase energy, mental alertness, decompress, and ease your muscles.

Beauty kit

Traveling is tough on skin. This kit will help you consolidate while maintaining a great skincare routine on your adventures. Hydrate, cleanse, tone, and rejuvenate with the Beauty Kit.

Establish Kit

Traveling with children? Particularly children with sensory issues? Establish was created for children with autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, hyperactivity, and depression. This can be used by adults as well, but it is diluted for the safety of children.

Tackle your next adventure with tough, travel-ready kits.

100% Pure and Natural. Each essential oils travel kit includes oils that are certified 100% pure and natural.

MS/GC Tested. All oils are MS/GC tested monthly and have no additives.

Hand Selected. Each kit includes essential oils specifically selected by certified aroma therapists to enhance your travel experience.

Travel Friendly. Oils come in travel-friendly sizes with threaded caps that seal to prevent spills.

Vegan and Cruelty Free. Not only are our essential oils travel kits vegan and cruelty free, but they also help animals in need.

What kind of traveler are you?

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