Vegan Thanksgiving Cookbook | Free eBook


Vegan Thanksgiving eBook CoverIt is that time of year again. Thanksgiving is an American favorite. Why? One word: Food.

And at The Electric Soul, we love it because it’s a time to get creative in the kitchen and show ’em what vegan Thanksgiving is all about.

We’ve compiled¬† few of our favorite recipes inspired by America’s most vegan friendly cities, including Atlanta, New York City, Pittsburgh, and more!

In this free eBook, you’ll find:

  • A creative alternative to stuffing
  • A Southern take on sweet potatoes
  • A plant-based, protein-packed main course
  • A special vegan dessert, straight out of NYC

So whether you’re a vegan vet, total newbie, or just want to have vegan options for your guests, we got you covered!

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