Derma Rollers

When you’re traveling as a vegan, there’s a strong chance that you’re going to cool places. FYI- we’re brushing our shoulders after that comment. Cool places mean endless photo opportunities. Endless photo opportunities mean you want/need to be camera ready. We’re all about the experience, but an Instagram ready photo is (vegan) icing on the (vegan) cake.  Traveling can be tough on skin, from dehydration to changes in climate. With that in mind, we always have our eyes peeled for ways to keep our skin healthy and in tip top shape (without harming animals).

One of our favorite tools for skincare is a derma roller. You might have heard it referred to as micro needling, which is a more intense process that is executed by aestheticians. These rollers have been used for years to promote collagen production, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and scarring. Derma rollers make micro punctures to the skin, forcing the skin to heal these “wounds.” During that process, collagen production goes into overdrive. The result? Firmer, younger looking skin aka photo ready skin.

If you’ve read our posts about the benefits of essential oils and skincare, this is a great product to use in conjunction with that. Other products, such as hyaluronic acid, are great to use during derma rolling. The products can penetrate the skin at a deeper level by using these together.

Derma rollers come in various sizes. It is advised to use sizes .5mm and under for your face. Anything over that size is recommended for the body, or used by a professional on the face.

Here are a few of our favorite derma rollers:

Derma roller kit with 3 heads – .5mm, .1mm, and 1.5mm

Derma roller 540 needles – .25mm.